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Defects, Arbitrations, Mediations and Forensic Investigations
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Professional Expert Witness-Construction


Areas of Expertise:

Breach of Contract             

Contract Compliance

Construction Defects and non-compliance per industry standards

Valid Contracts per industry standards and the California Contractors State License Board

Owner-Contractor Disputes

Owner-Supplier Disputes

Owner-Labor Disputes

Contractor-Labor Disputes

Contractor-Subcontractor Disputes and Requirements

Contractor Fraud

Licensed vs. Un-licensed Contractor Requirements

Insurance requirements (Workers Compensation and Liability)

On Site Safety and Security

Safety Requirements per Industry Standards

Contractor payments to (Subs, Suppliers, Laborers, Rental Equipment, etc)

Workmanship (Professional and Timely Contract Completion and Compliance)

Job Site Inspections and Reporting

Forensic Consultation,

Fact Finding - Cost Analysis

Mechanic Leins, Lein Releases, Notices and Requirements

Consultation on Plaintiff and Defensive Strategic Techniques
Corporation-Labor Union Disputes
On Site Dispute Services
Construction Defects
Consultations, Mediations and [Construction Arbitrations (Private Non-Binding) ]
BA, AA, AS Degrees
California Contractors License 30 years; License number 377276 (inactive)
Licensed in Four trades:
B-General Building Contractor, C-27 Landscape Contractor
C-61 Tree Contractor, C-13 Fence Contractor
California Real Estate License 01241690 no affliation;
California State Senate Certificate of Recognition toward the resolution of conflicts
Designated Expert Witness
Educator - Trainer Contractors License Law and Trade
Educator - Trainer Real Property Inspections
Consultant for Property Owners and Contractors
30 years, as an Active Contractor, Consultant, Expert Witness, Arbitrator and Mediator 
Educator - Trainer for Federal and State Re-training programs
PC 832 POST (Peace Officer) Certificate
Vacant Property Abatement Officer in High Crime Areas


Commercial Pilots License

Flight Instructors Certificate

Single & Multi Engine Land Airplanes

Co-Pilot on D-18s PHX to LAX

Trained on DC 6s


Requirements for submission of my name as an Expert Witness to a US Court or other entity.

1. I must receive a valid Retainer in the amount designated on this web-site

2. The party using my name must have written authorization from me

Expert Witness


Please view additionally Linked Web site:

Los Angeles County Bar Association Member
Southern California Mediation Association Member
National Association for Community Mediation Member
Association for Dispute Resolution of Northern California
The Round Table Group
America Speaks Facilitator
California Speaks
Museum of Tolerance

Community College and Private Institution Educator - Trainer and Private Tutor
Class Description: (Do not get Nailed by your Contractor)
Educator - Trainer California Contract License Law and Trade
Educator - Trainer Real Property Inspections
Educator - Trainer Consumer Services

Expert Witness for Plaintiffs
Ruling for both Plaintiffs in the Owner-contractor dispute where the contractor constructed a block wall encroaching on the neighbors property
Expert Witness for the Plaintiff
Contractor constructed a elevated Porch and a set of Stairs without Railings and Handrails
Ruling for the Plaintiff Un-safe construction, does not conform to Code

Expert Witness for the Plaintiff
Hardscape Remodeling Contractor failed to construct properly the following, BBQ Pit, Fire Pit, 2000 sf. Patio and Walkways, Exterior Lighting, Water Fountains; Ruling for the Plaintiff method of curing concrete was un-stable and extremely fast
Expert Witness for Plaintiff
Drywall, Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Tile, un-even by creating hazardous walking conditions. Ruling for the Plaintiff, un-safe condition
Expert Witness for the Plaintiff
Landscape Contractor completed 6 Custom Homes early and Expert Witness determined there were no shortcuts. Ruling for the Plaintiff Landscape Contractor
Expert Witness for the Plaintiff
Ruling for the Plaintiff, Workers Compensation Fraud

Expert Witness for the Defense
Ruling for the Defense in a 5 year neighbor to neighbor dispute about property line encroachment
Expert Witness for the Defense
Ruling for the Defense, Contractor Insurance issues
Expert Witness for the Defense
Ruling for the Defense, Owner refused to pay after work had been completed
Charlie Williams
Los Angeles Superior Court ADR Mediator
928 North San Fernando Boulevard, Suite J-122
Burbank, California 91504-4350
Phone: (213) 819-4097
Fax-Phone: (818) 951-3663